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We are TOP-20 in the Republic of Belarus

Among web developers under the version of 1C-Bitrix
7 experts

In the field of website design, development and optimization
30+ projects

Were developed by the studio in 2016
9 days

Are necessary to implement a generic corporative site

Web design. Web development.

Our approach to web development is checked process starting from projecting and design and ending with testing and implementation. WEBLAB is professional team of specialists which knows its business.
We make websites. Reliably.
Integrated approach towards each detail. The highest qualification of the stuff. Monitoring of the quality of implementations.
Effective commercial website is the business-tool with the goal of increasing profit of your business. The website has to combine nice visual image, the functionality required for you, simplicity of use and, of course, support.

You want this kind of website? Then you should entrust website design and development to web-studio WEBLAB. We can create a website of any complexity for you.
We can take the development of website at any stage, starting from writing a technical task and independent expertise on the client's side and ending with layout testing, implementing or scaling the project. However, the most effective decisions are those which we make from scratch, tacking all responsibility for their realization.

It is very simple to start working with us: all you have to do is to contact us by any convenient for you way. We will have a meeting and begin to prepare technical task, then proceed to design, layout and filling the new project. After successful delivery we will transfer to you all accesses and passwords and also teach you how to use the website.
The main thing is convenience
We are sure that the main thing for user is the convenience of using your website.
The rest is good content and a little spice.
We've always done our best to make websites not just for client or for ourselves, but for the final consumer. The most important, concerning the request from the website, is how easy and clear we'll give one or another information. That's why we pay a lot of attention to design and usability.

How we develop perfect websites and why we are able to do it
Each specialist working on website creation has his area of responsibility. The process, checked by long experience, never glitches – we know our job.
7 specialists – 7 expertise: starting from prototype and ending with monitoring of the quality of implementation. We greatly cherish the reputation of the studio, and because of the control of each stage we create flawless tools for business.
We carefully examine each detail and make it perfect.
UX and UI Design
We analyze everything. Out of the received data we create a prototype, which will be the most convenient exactly for your business.
Front-end without errors
Forget about mistakes. We do our job well on the first try. Implementation quality's monitoring is in our blood.
Web Development
We solve any problem connected with web development and we like projects of any difficulty.
We grow with our client
We never leave the client alone with his website: we analyze all visits, improve usability, and give a stream of recommendations and useful advice.

Order a website? Only at web-studio WEBLAB.

By ordering a website at our studio you get reliable tool and the guarantee of excellent functioning of your project. The quality management system and ongoing customer support make cooperation with us comfort and simple.
It's time to create a website? Easy!
Corporate websites, online shops – we'll do everything you want!
Web development is our thing. We have never considered it as a job: it is pure satisfaction for us. We seek to correspond to professional standards at max and our development division can be easily called splendid.
Our expertise in web development for B2B-sector comprises more than 5 productive years and our results speak for themselves.
We'll count the price of the website in 6.5 minutes and send commercial proposal to you.
Each project has its own price – any business, so as its owner, is unique. We pay special attention to every client and try to make the price of website development reasonable.

But you have to remember that only mint can make money without any advertisement – that's why even the cheapest website (even made by professionals) needs to be promoted. Remember, that website first and foremost is the tool of selling; it's not a magic button.
Website development – prices and terms
Corporate website
With catalogue of goods!
from $850
  • Quick implementation
  • Perfect balance between price and quality
  • Optimized for Google&Yandex
  • Analytics system is already inside!
  • Free support for 90 days
  • Get consultation
Get consultation
Unique development
Complete control
from $7000
  • Any management system
  • Integration of any service
  • Implementation's quality monitoring
  • Automation of analytics
  • Premium support
  • Get consultation
Get consultation

Online shop development

We create not a simple website offering goods, but strong tool which supports integration of pay services, module of website statistics and analytics, implementation of 1C accounting and attaching goods to storehouses.
What exactly online shop is?
We don't just make websites with catalogue of goods. Our goal is to develop a tool which lets you develop a new sales channel.
Online shop is the representation of your product on the internet. We subdivide it into 2 types: online shop and online showcase. Online showcase is a catalogue of your products where the user can get information about the prices and characteristics of your products. Online shop offers the same opportunity, plus the possibility of immediate buying or ordering the product the customer liked with credit card or electronic money without leaving his home.
• cost cutting: salary for stuff, rental of office, utilities;
• work in 24/7 mode, statistics of each customer;

• the one who wants to save money at these difficult times;
• any business which is ready to get to global information space.

Corporate website development

With WEBLAB's tremendous experience in the field of website development for B2B sector you'll always stay ahead your competitors independently on the field of your activity. Let the job in the hands of professionals.
Corporate and business card websites
WEBLAB has a lot of experience in the field of website development and promotion for industrial B2B segment. We focus on the status of the company and give full and exact information to customer.
Corporate website is important addition to any offline business; it's like internet office which is available 24 hours a day and independent on the location of the client. Such resource has clear data structure and smart navigation. Moreover, this kind of website has perfect proceeding speed thanks to which pages are loaded with maximum speed even if user browses the internet via calculator.

Business card website is a mini website which consists of one (rarely there can be a few, up to 10) page and serves as kind of presentation of the owner and is integral part of image. The task of the business card site is to give information about a private citizen or a legal person, about services he offers and other necessary for the target audience information.
• formation and supporting the image of progressive and reliable company;
• informing – data about product, services, vacancies etc.;

• successful company, searching for new strategies of development;
• successful business, coping with new markets.

• providing a high level of informativeness: your field of business, achievements, contact information, location map, details, etc.;
• simplification and improvement of the work with clients;

Business card website is recommended to those who want launch their internet resource quickly, having limited funds. This is the ideal choice if you've just start your activity on the internet. Natural person, who has private practice, possesses small or medium-sized business is our client.
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