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Why promotion in social networks is necessary
You definitely should use SMM if you want to introduce yourself to the highest possible number of people.
SMM-promotion is perfect tool which allows you to use all advertisement's functions on the internet: with its help we can both advertise our product and inform users about company's news.
SMM lets create the core of users - the audience who has once been attracted by you and who will stay with you for many years.
We also suggest services of configuring and launching target advertising – even more accurate than contextual advertising. We can configure the display of announcements in social networks only for your target audience on the following criteria: location, gender, age, interest, position, university, school, day of birth. Thanks to the accuracy of target advertising we are able to save tremendous 80% of advertising budget, which can be invested into other sales channels.
How to find out whether SMM-promotion is necessary?
If you are not an arms seller, we have a matter to talk about.
If you are not an arms seller, we have a matter to talk about. You wholesale welders, or your factory repairs subway carriages? If not, then SMM will be useful for you. This tool of marketing is ineffective only if you run local b2b company. In any other cases SMM will help you to improve your business and brand recognition, to increase client's interest and loyalty and to establish a communication with them.
The Heads of the State use SMM. Bentley owners use SMM. And what about you?
What is the profit from SMM
A great number of people will get to know about your business and service in a short time.
SMM allows to tell millions of people about your product.
It's not just marketing channel but the real media which will help you to refresh the image of your company, become closer with your audience and find new clients.

If your target audience is not companies but consumers – SMM will become perfect toll of business development for you, because it's the cheapest and the most effective way to interact with consumers directly.
SMM-promotion – prices and terms
SMM-promotion rate Steady care
The price for 1 month
from $600
  • 3 social networks on the choice
  • Community creation and design
  • Wiki menu creation
  • 20 posts per month
  • Creation of 3 advertising campaigns
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SMM-promotion rate Maximum
The price for 1 month
from $2500
  • Strategy development and KPI
  • Everyday analytics
  • Work with objections
  • Events
  • Anything you want!
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Ok, let's work. What next?
First of all, contact us by any convenient for you way. And then...
Then we absorb in your business: study the peculiarities, analyze the target audience, choose the social networks with its maximum coverage, examine the situation on the market, set goals of SMM-presence, develop design, think over content-plan, strategy of audience attraction and page promotion.
Then we discuss the strategy with you, make corrections, coordinate KPI and begin to act.

What do we do? We use brand journalism and tell about your company, generate content, answer questions and comment responses, attract members on the page via target advertising, deal with negative responses and smooth things over, think over methods of involving audience and ways of improving company's image.
The most important thing is that we continuously analyze and monitor all indicators and audience's responses in order to improve the effectiveness of promotion every day. We admire maximum effectiveness which can be proudly mentioned in the report.
The peculiarities of SMM-promotion on VK
SMM is integral part of website promotion of company's activity in social networks, particular on VK. It's nonstandard tool highly effective to bring users exactly on your page. Many major companies and small business representatives resort to promotion of their services on internet via SMM.

Promotion via SMM guarantees not an instant result, but long-term effect. The main advantage is that the user doesn't have to invest great resources. Our specialists will do all work to attract customers to client's website. We start from monitoring and write necessary recommendations concerning web-resource promotion. Then we develop optimum strategy regarding the promotion of your business on VK and put it into motion. The result of our job will be particular number of users who will look through your resource every day.

Our specialists are able to effectively promote community, public or personal page of user on VK by the following means:

  • Content filling and feature articles posting;
  • Advertising placement in closely related communities;
  • Target advertising;
  • Users' attraction from closely related communities.
Does everybody need to promote business on Facebook?
From year to year SMM-promotion on social networks doesn't lose its relevance and stays popular. One of the types of this promotion is promotion based on usage of the international social network Facebook.

The differences from website promotion on other social networks are the following:

• This portal is international. Facebook is used by people all over the world;
• Possibility to create different types of communities;
• Tremendous amount of users doing business;
• High percentage of target audience.

Many people are registered in this social network and stay online for making deals. That's why it is easy to promote commercial project here.

SMM on Facebook starts from promoting goods in side or own communities. Also we can promote your personal page (account). Moreover, it is possible to produce interesting applications or sponsor existing programs. It is the most efficient advertisement. If you want your SMM-promotion to be quick you should use target advertising.
Why you should pay attention on promotion on Twitter
If you're going to use SMM-promotion, you shouldn't ignore the microblogging service Twitter. This modern social network allows to develop any business project.

SMM-promotion on this social network involves the following peculiarities:
• The ability to upload any number thematic photos;
• Promotion with the help of retweets;
• Spreading the slogan of the company;
• Presence of hashtags by which users search for information.

Another peculiarity of Twitter is the fact that its main users – the youth, active and advanced internet-segment. At the same time Twitter is international network, so there is plenty of target audience.

You can promote your project by posting with hashtags and photos. Also SMM on twitter implies the usage of advertising network of the same name. Another efficient method is following – it is subscription to target account in order to provoke return subscription on your page. Like on social networks, providing users with interesting and actual information is highly greeted here.
How should you promote your account on Instagram?
If you need real subscribers, not the bots, it is really hard to promote business on Instagram by yourself without qualitative, interesting filling and particular knowledge.

An account on Instagram must possess individual, "catching" stylistic decision, otherwise the user won't become interested in it. That's why the first thing you should do for promotion on Instagram is to detect target audience, think over right filling and interesting style of leading the account. Strategy development is under strict necessity. Only after successful preparatory phase the promotion can be begun.

There are a number of methods of attracting TA: massive like's leaving, following, holding contests, hashtags usage, advertising posts etc. The best option will be the usage of all methods available, because their separate application won't give impressive results.

Instagram demands planning and working on each detail, otherwise all the efforts will be almost useless.
I've heard that promotion on Google+ is not very effective. Is that true?
The main success of the company which promotes its services on Google+ directly depends on chosen strategy. The most effective way of promotion your resource via Google+ is SMM – the activity aimed at target audience increasing. If you want your service or company to be recognizable, you should use different methods of its promotion.

Every single social network has its own specific, and it is pretty hard to promote a business without particular knowledge. By addressing your request to our specialists, who know all the nuances of Google+, you will see the effectiveness of your web resource promotion in the shortest possible time. Firstly, we'll define the direction to work in in your case. Then we'll create a strategy and fill your resource with unique content to mark it out and to attract the target audience. Customers will get to the website using links and banners placed on Google+.

Interested audience will get to your website via contextual and teaser advertising. Targeting on Google+ is effective tool of advertisement show to particular public who is interested in your business. Regular thematic posting in optimum time, hashtag usage, event creation, communication with customers will also provide attractiveness. All these tools altogether will increase the traffic of your resource exponentially.

What are the peculiarities of promotion on OK.ru?
You can attract interested person or potential clients to your website via social network OK.ru

The main peculiarity is that it is enough for spreading a content to get a "like" - by this your post will automatically be seen to all friends of the user who has pressed the "like" button. Commercial projects are coldly accepted on OK.ru. The advertisement has to be as hidden as possible. So you should let the promotion on OK.ru only to specialist in order to avoid sanctions from the side of moderators.

There are a few types of promotion on OK.ru:

  • Target advertisement using different tools such as banners, video files and so on, and its demonstration to audience of certain age, membership in communities, interests and so on.
  • Advertisement posts placing in close-related groups for increasing the number of interested users.
  • Attracting TA via popular social games.
Moreover, obligatory ongoing content filling, direct contact with members, stimulating of conversation and providing with useful information are at the program of community leading. It is important to remember, that social networks have been created for communication, fun and information exchange. So the community has to have right atmosphere.
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