Сайты для государственных организаций

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Official website of governmental organization
Web-studio's developments on the basis of content management system Bitrix under the rates "Expert" or "Business".
Packaged solution for governmental organization, authority, local government or its units official website development, providing accessibility of information for a wide range of users including people with disabilities.
The advantages:

  • Ready-made packaged website: design, structure, services and demo-data
  • Conformity of management system against Legislation of the Republic of Belarus
  • Accessibility of information and services on mobile devices
  • Ready-made mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Website prompt response and high level of security
  • Certified management system in the Republic of Belarus
  • Quick implementation
  • Low cost

The tasks which governmental organization website solve
    • Enforcing legislation concerning the presence of official website and providing with necessary sufficient information.
    • Informing citizens regarding the activity of the organization, services provided and results of work.
    • Providing citizens with necessary information regarding the region or municipality in the area of responsibility.
    • Improving the ratings between other governmental websites.
    • The ability of creation the network of websites of entities in charge united by centralized management system.
    Ready-made structure, design and demo-filling
    Our solution includes finished website with ready-made sections and pages, which are represented in professional adaptive design pattern with a number of color schemes.
    Different technologies for providing efficiency are included into the solution.
    "Composite website" technologies let achieve instant website response speed. Theoretically speaking, website content can be divided into static and dynamic. Static page loads immediately while dynamic data loads in the background unnoticeable for user.
    The usage of the "composite website" technology allows to increase the speed of page downloading ten times and, as a result, to increase website ranging in search engines.

    "Efficiency monitor" will help you to analyze project work speed. The model allows to estimate the configuration of the project in absolute values, to compare with reference system, to analyze overall performance and to detect "issue areas".

    Safety and security

    High level of security
    Our development provides high level of security of website from hacking; also it provides security of personal data owing to "Proactive security" module which includes proactive filter, web-antivirus, security scanner, sessions' protection and other technologies. Website management system has OAC RB certificate and allows to work with any class of personal data.
    Version for people with disabilities
    Website version for people with disabilities is adopted for people with visual, hearing, locomotive system disabilities and for people with aphasia, mental violations and neurological disorders.

    Design and elements

    Correct display on any types of devises
    Adaptive design
    Ready-made design pattern is fully adoptive, that's why it's easy to work on the website on mobile devises. Development and support of additional mobile pattern is not necessary: all website's elements reorganize dependently on the screen resolution for convenient browsing.

    Redactions and prices

    The delivery of the product includes:
    1. "1C-Bitrix: website management" (rates "Expert" and "Business")
    2. Web-studio's own developments for governmental organizations
    3. Documentation: "User guide"
    4. One year of free updates and technical support

    Basic functional based on "Expert" decision
    3 270 BUN.
    Stuff training on client's side: 8 hours
    Extended functional based on "Business" decision
    4 590 BUN.
    Stuff training on client's side: 16 hours
    Extended functional for a few departments
    9 790 BUN.
    Stuff training on client's side: 16 hours
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