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We are always on the line. If something needs to be fixed – just call us. We'll do it for free and quickly.
Crystal-clear pricing
You'll always see on what purpose your money is spent. No hidden costs. Accountancy once a month or on demand.
Effectiveness, effectiveness and effectiveness one more time. You pay only for result, we work for result.
Why you need contextual advertising
It is the fastest way to attract interested users on your website.
Advertisement in search engines is the type of advertising where you pay for real clients, that is, you pay only for the audience which is interested in your product and went to your website. Perhaps none of the types of advertising will make sales for your business faster than contextual advertising.
We guarantee the growth of the number of requests or phone calls on the second day after starting the advertising campaign.
This type of advertisement allows to configure the displaying in such way that your advertisements will be shown only to the target audience – we can configure the location of the displaying, gender, age, commercial interests and even time.
This tweaking allows to save up to 60% of the budget on advertising campaign, which has beneficial effect on further promotion and gives an opportunity to invest in new sales channel.
How contextual advertising works
We'll tell you in simple words about contextual advertising and Yandex.Direct
Pay only for result!
You'll get a potential client for each cent spent!
No unnecessary expenses – you pay only for "clicks" – moves on your website. A number of shows don't influence on the price of contextual advertising, and advertising budget can be of any amount. Every dollar spent on contextual advertising is a real customer of your website!
No type of advertising attracts the client faster than contextual advertising.
Only target customers as quickly as possible
In order to start advertising campaign you'll need only a few hours. Your product will be shown to user only at the moment when it will be interesting to him, and when the potential client will be in particular region at the scheduled time.
Choosing a few sales channel
We'll find the most profitable channel and get the highest profit
We'll find your target audience
We sell only to people who interested in the purchase.
Effectively bring the client on the website
We help to sale, not just to show the assortment.
Why should you order the context exactly from us?
Professionalism dressed with experience and served with successful cases.
We set the task to attract maximum number of customers on your website spending minimum amount of your money. Our work is as transparent as possible: we'll answer all your questions, help to set right tasks, coordinate action plan and discuss budget in details.
We start each campaign from review of target audience and analysis of rivals. Advertising launch in test mode is obligatory part of our job. We will never spend client's money if we aren't confident in result.

We've got tremendous experience of target audience detecting, advertisement setting for different regions and spheres of business. Also we're really good at well-timed correction and scaling the advertising campaign in order to increase the number of clicks and decrease its price.
Contextual advertising – prices and terms
Contextual advertising rate Business
The price for 1 month
from $699
  • Up to 100 keywords
  • 1 request = 1 ad
  • 15 days of free support
  • Discounts on prolongation
  • Google My Business as a gift
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Контекстная реклама тариф Enterprise
The price for 1 month
from $2000
  • Up to 5000 keywords
  • Every minute control of rates
  • Premium support
  • Full control
  • We'll do the impossible
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Contextual advertising on Google
Bigger search engine – more sales.
Search engine Google has its own tool of work with contextual advertising calling Google AdWords, which allows to post ad on Google and on websites dealing with Google advertising network. This ad will be shown only to users really interested in it. Advantages of Google AdWords are the following: comparatively low payment for redirect, support of different languages, advertising in gmail, convenient moderation of advertising campaigns, analysis of the effectiveness of advertising, report on views and visits.
If user's request on Google coincides with any of the promoted ones then your advertising will appear near search results. A person goes to website and has the ability to get acquainted with its content and perform necessary target action.

Google has one peculiarity concerning algorithm of search results: besides the search of particular words and phrases, user's previous requests, anyhow close by subject, are taken into account of search engine. The effectiveness of advertising on Google AdWords growth thanks to any new ad added to cluster.

Contextual advertising on Yandex
Effective and really fast.
Сontextual advertising on Yandex is one of the most effective possibilities of quick website promotion to the first positions between search engines' results. This tool is used for attraction target audience on website and for providing permanent search traffic. Yandex has 2 types of internet advertising: Yandex.Market for shops and their offer of goods and Yandex.Direct for ads accounting time and location targeting.
Yandex has 2 types of internet advertising: Yandex.Market for shops and their offer of goods and Yandex.Direct for ads accounting time and location targeting.

A list of requests concerning your ad is created. Then a user searches something in search engine. You have it, and Yandex will show your ad on demand either above search results or right to them. The user considers this result as an answer on his request and goes via the link to your web-resource. And you pay not for the each appearance of the ad but for real visit on your website.


Owners of websites who want to minimize the amount of time on attracting clients from the internet, increase traffic and sales should use contextual advertising. Moreover, the target segment of the market will be quickly covered not only on Yandex but on third-party sites.

Contextual advertising on Mail.ru
Cheap and has strictly segmented audience.
Mail.ru is the biggest platform with million-strong attendance, on which basis one can advertise his internet-resource. Mail.Ru Group gives the opportunity to post ad with contextual advertising via myTarget – mobile advertising network. This popular platform, appeared relatively recent, successfully connects audience of users from CIS countries (more than 100 million of internet-users, by the way).

By using myTarget for contextual advertising on Mail.ru advertiser gets impressive source of traffic. For contextual advertising show social media news on VK and OK.ru are used. One can place advertising on mobile devises via myTarget, and the choice of formats is pretty wide: native and floating blocks, banners and so on.


Mail.ru allows to post contextual advertising comparatively cheap with rather considerable daily attendance. So if you want optimum value for money you should pay attention to this platform. It is profitable for advertisers to work with Mail.ru because this resource provides the possibility for strong segmentation of audience by using maximum amount of data mentioned by users during registration.

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