We offer professional expertise in the following spheres: web development, promotion on social networks and search engines, contextual advertising and reputation management.
Free consultation

Development of any degree of complexity

We don't just do our job; we wholeheartedly immerse ourselves in your business and do our best to make sure that you will get maximum output.

We are proud of our work!

We are proud to know that we work in the field of the internet marketing for a number of years. We have passed through the crisis ourselves and helped our clients to overcome it. Now look at what we have made for this purpose:
Online shop based on CMS

We do know what online shop development is. We've done everything what could be done: we developed the website, attached it to 1C, than filled it with content and promote it on Google and Yandex.
Promotion of the forum TIBO in social networks
In undertime we've told about the forum to the tremendous number of people. We've made more than 2 thousand photos and wrote more than 20 unique texts. We've successfully increased the audience by 250% and the coverage by 2000%.
Corporate website development for the factory
We've made excellent corporate website for company-producer of fire extinguishers. Owing to the result the client has got the real trade catalog and modern design without losing the strict corporate morals.

Website development for small and medium businesses

We develop and promote in four directions: online shops, corporate websites, business card sites and selling pages.

Development based on CMS 1C-Bitrix

Full variety of services: ranging from website's creation and introduction to CRM integration and further staff training on the client's side.
There is no use in explaining the obvious benefit for business from such tool of work with audience as website in 2016. Our studio specializes on development both for local business and for international companies.

Qualitative projects are our main goal. Our web-studio pays a lot of attention to every single detail, which is so important for development and further site administration.

During our work we've created a number of splendid projects for clients from many countries: Belarus, Russia, China, Germany and many others.

From the very beginning a pack of effective tools for promotion and analysis is put into administration system; our technical department does its best to fully automatize the process of filling the website with content and its optimization.

Flawless decisions
We love our job and always grow as professionals. We use the newest technologies and pay attention to the modern trends in design.
Steady progress
We always try to get better result – we permanently look for additional markets and offer brand new schemes of promotion and new decisions for developing.
Easy administration
It's not necessary to spend money on support. Our websites do not break. You can administrate it by yourself or charge this task to your stuff member. We will show and tell everything.
Effectiveness of advancing
The top priority for us is the effectiveness of our services. We always choose the most benefit methods and suggest a number of decisions to choose from.
Ongoing support
We are always available and ready to help you. Any question, any problem – we will help as soon as possible!
Real full reports
In 24/7 mode you get the access to any data concerning your company. Also we provide you with weekly analytics and reports as and when required.
Web-studio WEBLAB, Vitebsk
WEBLAB is not just a studio. Our company is the tool which will help you and your business. We have never had and will never have the task like "just create a site".
Our goal is integrated approach to website development and promotion.

Nowadays one can't just create a site or simply advertise it in internet. Website development, SEO, SMM is science which becomes more and more complex every single day. We try to be aware of the latest trends of internet marketing and to use the newest and the best ways for attracting new clients for your business.

Website promotion in search engines Google and Yandex

WEBLAB has wide experience in optimization and SEO-promotion of commercial matters in big cities and regions.
Our studio specializes in industrial b2b sector.
WEBLAB is №1 in the field of promotion in Vitebsk
Under the version of the biggest international rating of companies in web industry cmsmagazine.ru, on September 2016.
Our approach to web promotion has always been and stays open: at any time, during any stage of work you'll have complete information about your project and status quo.
We give full access to all reports concerning ad campaign: development of the strategy, the position of your website and the monitoring of 5 rivals in any search engine at any region, the indexation of your website, the access to analytics systems Yandex.Metrica and Google.Analytics

We do not have hidden costs – the sum mentioned in contract will always be the final. Also we suggest exhaustive reports concerning every single cent which was spent on your website promotion. It's not enough just to build a website, one have to actively promote it after its development.

Our clients, associates and responses

The most significant that we have. We value each our client regardless of the amount of work that has been or will be done. We do not just develop or sell websites, we build long-term partnership.
Order free callback and our specialists will quickly and clearly consult you on your questions.
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E-mail: info@wlab.by
Our hours are from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., but you always can arrange a meeting with us at any suitable time.

Our web-studio rating based on the client's responses:
The average mark based on 32 responses on scale from 1 to 10 is 9.
Just contact us and we will answer all your questions ваши вопросы
We clearly understand that choosing the contractor is not on-the-spot decision. That's why you should contact our specialists who will give you quick and clear consultation on all issues concerning the development of the website, its administration, promotion and advertisement. We'll help you to choose optimum budget on development and SEO based on market realities and your business opportunities.
So, what exactly is website development?
We offer exclusive projects which response to all quality standards: modern man-made design, flawless layout and programming, presence of all necessary functions and tools, correct display on smartphones, tablets and PCs.

Building a website is long and laborious task. We offer development in 10 stages, starting from the analysis of the target audience and ending with site testing on your server. Each stage is completely transparent and you can control the process of the development at any time.
Do I need website promotion?
The promotion in search engines is one of the most important steps after website development. According to our information, 70% of people search information about the good on the internet before making purchase. And it often happens that the first who was found becomes the seller. Our task is to make sure that your website will be at the top between searches results on requests of your concern; and exactly because of this client's stream of your company will certainly increase.

During all our practical experience not a single client has left us with a negative result. We have increased the number of requests via website for all our clients and, as a result, the growth of the entire client's business. We know how to promote websites properly and safely and we can save client' budgets, which allows to achieve better results even faster and more effective.
Why do I need promotion on social networks?
SMM-promotion is a perfect tool which lets execute all advertising functions on the internet. With its help we can advertise our product and notify the users about company's news. SMM allows to create a core of users – the audience who has once been attracted by you and who will stay with you for many years.

We also suggest services of configuring and launching the target advertising – even more accurate than contextual advertising. We can configure the display of announcements on social networks only for your target audience on the following criteria: location, gender, age, interest, position, university, school, day of birth. Thanks to the accuracy of target advertising we are able to save tremendous 80% of advertising budget, which can be invested into other sales channels.
I've already ordered a website and it is ready. What's next?
Next – the context. Contextual advertising means instant sells on the second day after its start.

Advertisement in search engines is the type of advertising where you pay for real clients, that is, you pay only for the audience who is interested in your product and went to your website. Perhaps none of the types of advertising will make sales for your business faster than contextual advertising – we guarantee the growth of the number of requests or phone calls on the second day after starting the advertising campaign.

This type of advertisement allows to configure the displaying in such way that your advertisements will be shown only to the target audience – we can configure the location of the displaying, gender, age, commercial interests and even time. This tweaking allows to save up to 60% of the budget on advertising campaign, which has beneficial effect on further promotion and gives an opportunity to invest in new sales channel.

You want your business to be on the web but do not know in which exact way? We will help you to figure out your goals and to choose the best decision, because we have experience of completing wide range of projects, ranging from website for factory producing fire extinguishers to forum's promotion.
The advantages of work with us are obvious – promotion and development in Belarus are pretty demanded services, but only a few companies can boast that they do the full circle of services – from website development to contextual advertising.
"If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business"
— Bill Gates
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